Sameer Kshirsagar: First LEGO League Shows Kids That STEM Requires More Than Tech Skills

Tech expert Sameer Kshirsagar says tech skills aren’t enough to reach your full potential. Here’s why.

Careers in technology offer tremendous opportunities and going forward, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) degrees could open many doors. That said, with STEM degrees, mastering technology and the like may not be enough for aspiring individuals to maximize their potential. Tech expert Sameer Kshirsagar argues that holistic experiences and education are vital, which is why he’s a proponent of programs like First LEGO League.

“There’s no doubt about it, tech skills are vital in the modern world,” Sameer Kshirsagar says. “Still, tech talents aren’t the only ones you’ll need if you want to succeed. When you look at programs like FIRST LEGO league, you’ll notice that they teach other skills as well, such as teamwork and problem-solving. These are every bit as vital.”

No one is an army and humans are, by nature, social creatures. If someone wants to change the world, build a great company, or craft a potentially history-shaping technology, they’ll have to work with others to make these ambitions come true. And if you lack good team working skills, you may find yourself running into a ceiling.

When you think of bleeding-edge companies, like Apple, your mind might first be drawn to visionaries like Steve Jobs. But it’s important to remember that Apple currently has over 150,000 employees. And many thousands more work alongside Apple as contractors, consultants, and the like.

Building and managing teams is vital, even for great visionaries, says Sameer Kshirsagar. A great team leader can not only contribute him or herself, but can also get the best out of other people. In fact, empowering others is often more important than maximizing your personal achievements.

“It’s typically not possible for a lone individual to code a complex software solution ready for the real world or to develop an advanced technology,” Sameer Kshirsagar explains. “That’s why I think programs like FIRST LEGO League are so great, they also impart the importance of teamwork. Together, people can accomplish tremendous things, but together is the keyword.”

Even if an individual possesses all the skills needed to complete a large project, teamwork is typically still needed. Why? Simply, there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in a lifetime to accomplish all the work that needs to be done. Through teamwork, you can bring the needed resources to bear.

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