The Top Email Search Service Providers

Direct messages get ignored all the time, and Tweets get lost fast; however, when it’s about the email inbox, it is an ideal place and arguably the best way to get someone’s attention.

In this article, I shall walk you through the ways to find someone’s email address with Supreme accuracy.

Email reaches a vital position to grow your search traffic. And to be able to reach out to people, you need to find a way to contact them. So let’s get into the only email hunting tactics you’ll need to make your next outreach campaign a super hit. 


Let’s get started with Hunter. First, you could sign up for a free account at Then, in a couple of ways, you can find an email address using this tool. 

Using their Chrome extension, go to the company domain of the person you want to contact, and if the icon lits up orange, it means Hunter has some emails on file. Next, click on the icon, and you’ll see a list of emails that Hunter scraped for this domain. 

Now with email outreach, you should contact the specific person & address them by name.

However, many of their outcomes are based on best guesses from patterns they get from scraped data, which can produce mixed results. works based on big data and machine learning algorithms. Using this tool, you can find company email addresses of any professional within a few seconds.

The pricing is reasonable for the value they offer & the best customer support. As a beginner, you can enroll for their freemium plan, where you can avail of ten credits per month along with API access and CSV download features. 

All their subscription come with a free test; hence you can evaluate their service before committing.

Their chrome extension is a great way to find the email addresses from the LinkedIn platform.

The accuracy of their outcome is reported to be more than ninety percent. 


Let us look at the following tool, Clearbit. 

Clearbit is another email-finding tool that works as a chrome extension and lives inside your Gmail inbox. Firstly, you need to enter the company domain name and then the name of the person you wish to contact, and right away, you’ll see the email address and the blue checkmark, which indicates that the email is verified. 

Email Permutator+Linkedin Sales Navigator

The other way to execute the email search is using an email permutator paired with a LinkedIn sales navigator. These tools work perfectly together. First, start with the email permutator and entering the first name, last name, and then the company domain of the person you wish to contact. 

The good thing about this tool is that you can click the more domains button and add another website, such as your prospects’ blog. The tool will then bring up all possible combinations of the persons’ email addresses based n your input. 

Next, you should make sure that the LinkedIn sales navigator extension is installed on Chrome. Now, insert all the different email addresses and hover over each one. And, if you could see a profile in the navigator sidebar, you found the email address that the person is using on LinkedIn. 

Final Thoughts

After using the different tools and tactics we discussed so far, you should be able to find someone’s email address.

Now the final step of the puzzle is to make sure that the email address you found is valid. Again, there are a ton of email verification tools to validate the email addresses. 

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