Weighing the Pros and Cons of Daycare vs Nannies

In first time parenting, the decision of distancing their child from them is very tough and a bit confusing. Moms are sometimes not mentally ready to get back to work. Besides being a stay-at-home mom and dad or having relatives view your child, both most prominent childcare options are enlisting your kid in a childcare facility or employing a babysitter at your home itself. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. This blog by Kiddie Castle will help you decide what is ideal for your household.

Daycare Vs Nannies

Benefits of Daycare

Here are some factors you may consider toward a daycare facility.

Social Skills

Childcare provides the advantage of socialization where children can grow with other kids. Children boosted by other youngsters as well as develop social skills through their day-to-day experiences in daycare.

Toys, Books, as well as Resources

Most daycare centres supply a wide array of playthings, books, video games, and play tools. Childcare provides innovative and fun art products, educational video games, dress-up clothing, and building blocks.

Some childcare centres additionally generate individuals for extra tasks, such as music or yoga. These items typically consist of your monthly or annual prices, so you don’t have to pay extra for the products.

The price of childcare is more economical than a nanny since you share the cost with various other family members. The cost varies based on location and also the kind of facility. An in-home daycare centre, also known as a household treatment, is typically more economical than a typical daycare (yet likewise offers fewer advantages like sources and several instructors.)

Drawbacks of Daycare

While there are ample daycare pros, every pro includes some disadvantage. Below’s why you should not choose daycare.

More Bacteria and illness Bacteria prevails in daycare, with youngsters sharing numerous toys, cleaning their noses, and touching the toys once more. Given close contact with many youngsters in childcare, a kid may get sick even more times a year than one not in childcare.

Sick Policies

Childcare facilities have strict ill policies, so if your child comes under their “unwell” category, you have to terminate your job or find various other childcare plans when your child has an ailment. Even more, if your child gets ill at daycare, you will undoubtedly have to choose them up and maintain their residence until they are without the illness.


Bites or falls prevail in daycare. It is tough to watch on all kids at once with numerous children, so there might be many more bumps and bruises.


Childcare facilities operate on particular hours, so if you are late picking up your child, you will certainly go through an added fee. If you work where you can not leave at a particular time each day, you may require extra adaptability than daycare can supply.

Your Youngster’s Personality

Daycare has several transitions and stimulations, so it is essential to recognize your kid’s personality. Think about whether they will be bewildered or overstimulated by this environment.

Likewise, various other children’ behaviour and development can affect your kid’s day. Will your child be affected by a kid that requires extra self-control?

Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

Many parents value the flexibility and control they get from having a babysitter that works in their residence.

More Adult Control

With a babysitter in your home, you can control what your child is doing and what their routine resembles. The majority of nannies supply comprehensive reports of the day and send parents pictures. If this is essential to you, a nanny is an excellent option.

Individual Attention

Your childs’ nanny will be the focus on the child’s demands. There is no competition for attention, and the babysitter concentrates entirely on your kid’s growth.


When you need a nanny, you set the hours. You will find a nanny who can work for your schedule if you start work later in the day and work evenings. Your nanny will be waiting for you at home if you get caught in traffic.

Consistent Care

The majority of nannies work with their families from the time their children are born before they reach school age. Daycare centres have a high turnover rate, with at least one caregiver quitting per year or earlier, which can be upsetting for your kid.

Drawbacks of Hiring a Nanny

With nannies come parenting style conflicts and issues with regulation. Here’s why you may not want to have a nanny.

Parenting Style Conflicts

If you and your nanny disagree on topics like discipline, sleeping, or other aspects of parenting, it could lead to a fight and a strained relationship. In terms of parenting style, it’s best to find a nanny who shares your values. For a child’s growth, consistency between caregivers is critical.

Absence of punctuality

If your nanny is always late, it will make you late for work. You have no influence over the nanny’s tardiness now that she is coming to your house.

There is no coverage for sick days.

You’ll have to stay at home or find substitute childcare if your nanny becomes sick, takes a personal day, or needs to leave town.

No Regulations

Nannies are not expected to have advanced training or certifications in child development. CPR certification is not needed for all nannies. Parents are responsible for screening nanny applicants and conducting background checks.

As you can see the benefits and drawbacks of daycare and having nannies for your kids. However, the decision of day care vs nannies lies entirely on you.

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